The #41 Workout

I know you are thinking…. what is the #41 workout? Some new crazy volume training from Germany or some other foreign land that I just discovered?
Fortunately, no, this is a program or better yet lifestyle that I have used, abused, and perfected over the years.

I just turned 41 years old. Now, until lately, I will never post that in a blog, article or fitness resume. Yet, its time to come clean. I am in better shape now at 41 then I was at 31yrs old and even 21yrs old. Maybe, it is Bernard Hopkins fighting for a title at 45yrs young or just that I am tired of friends or clients saying, “look after 35 you just can’t look that great anymore.” Wrong!

I am living proof that you can get into incredible shape at any age. This blog is for everyone regardless of age yet esp if you are in the over 35 group and have believed to this point that taking your shirt off at this summer’s pool party has long since passed.

You may be thinking well I could get into great shape too if I didn’t work and devote 4 hours a day to the gym and have my own personal chef like the big time actors and athletes. I have not of that stuff and essentially work 2 full time jobs and have a family.

Quick tip – allow yourself 2 cheat meals per week. A cheat meal for me is pizza with my family on Friday night and macaroni or pasta on Sunday. Now, when I travel I push the 2 cheat meal rule and as we discussed last week in the holiday training blog, there are times when you SHOULD treat yourself. Yet, for the majority of year, I stick to this regimen. Now, I am not eating seaweed and salad for my meals. I am eat normal things like Oatmeal, chicken, eggs, steak, etc. We can pick up next week on my specific diet.

Secret Tip #2 – Do not torture yourself this year with the Atkins diet or some other no carb diet or crazy protein drink diet. No need for that. Those diets suck! They make you miserable and in the end, NEVER work! Stick with me and I will show you the easy way to get into your best shape ever with the #41 workout! Now, that I am back from the road, please feel free to me ask me questions and I will get back to you. That is my promise! Now, Train Hard!


Thanksgiving – There goes the diet!

First, Hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Did you treat yourself to that extra piece of pumpkin pie? If so, that’s cool. Are you feeling guilty right now as your pants are a bit tighter. No worries. Here’s my rule, treat yourself around the holidays. These are special times of the year and the food and drink is plentiful and that’s not all bad. Esp with some of the stuff we had to encounter this past year, we all deserve to let loose and celebrate the good times ahead. Ok, you are waiting on the “But” or “butt.” Here it is: lets get on track, NOW!

HIT the GYM  –

Believe me I realize how busy you are with holiday shopping and and running around. Here’s the deal, hit the gym and you will do two major things: 1).  You will feel better and be in a better mood when having to do with the “relatives” and work parties. 2) Going back to my intro, you SHOULD indulge a bit this time of the year. Hitting the gym will work off some of the calories from the chocolate chip cookies that seem to be at every party.

No Time Workout –

Again, with the increasing time obligations around this time of year, hitting the gym could actually turn out be just what we don’t want, a stressor. Don’t let it. Ok, so you don’t have the usual time at the gym that you may have in Feb, no biggie, hit the gym for a half hour. Pick 2 bodyparts, like chest bi’s. Choose 3 exercises and do not take a break until you have finished all 3 sets (one for each exercise). An example would be a workout I did just yesterday and I had a terrific pump and felt awesome when finished! Here’s what I did:

Took my glycoCarn about 45 mins prior to my workout  as I finished up some emails. The GlycoCarn will help you get an incredible pump in minimum time and plus will burn off of some of those extra calories that I will be enjoying later.

After a warm up on the treadmill – 5 min

Incline Chest Press dumbbells – machine chest flyes, straight bar curls – I hit all three then took a sip – then went onto incline barbell presses, flat bench dumbbells, and then dumbbells curls. Hit a set of abs on the Ab Coaster cause we got to keep the abs tight in that Holiday sweater. Went back to the chest flyes, machine chest press, and straight bar curls. I did one additional set of Ab Coaster and hit a quick stretch and that’s it! 30 mins or 25 mins to be exact and I felt great! With this workout, you can not say “I don’t have the time.” Plus, the 30 mins you take out of your day will pay off big time esp when you are more calm around all those “nice” people at the mall. Happy Training! Check back next week for my #41 workout!