Thanksgiving – There goes the diet!

First, Hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Did you treat yourself to that extra piece of pumpkin pie? If so, that’s cool. Are you feeling guilty right now as your pants are a bit tighter. No worries. Here’s my rule, treat yourself around the holidays. These are special times of the year and the food and drink is plentiful and that’s not all bad. Esp with some of the stuff we had to encounter this past year, we all deserve to let loose and celebrate the good times ahead. Ok, you are waiting on the “But” or “butt.” Here it is: lets get on track, NOW!

HIT the GYM  –

Believe me I realize how busy you are with holiday shopping and and running around. Here’s the deal, hit the gym and you will do two major things: 1).  You will feel better and be in a better mood when having to do with the “relatives” and work parties. 2) Going back to my intro, you SHOULD indulge a bit this time of the year. Hitting the gym will work off some of the calories from the chocolate chip cookies that seem to be at every party.

No Time Workout –

Again, with the increasing time obligations around this time of year, hitting the gym could actually turn out be just what we don’t want, a stressor. Don’t let it. Ok, so you don’t have the usual time at the gym that you may have in Feb, no biggie, hit the gym for a half hour. Pick 2 bodyparts, like chest bi’s. Choose 3 exercises and do not take a break until you have finished all 3 sets (one for each exercise). An example would be a workout I did just yesterday and I had a terrific pump and felt awesome when finished! Here’s what I did:

Took my glycoCarn about 45 mins prior to my workout  as I finished up some emails. The GlycoCarn will help you get an incredible pump in minimum time and plus will burn off of some of those extra calories that I will be enjoying later.

After a warm up on the treadmill – 5 min

Incline Chest Press dumbbells – machine chest flyes, straight bar curls – I hit all three then took a sip – then went onto incline barbell presses, flat bench dumbbells, and then dumbbells curls. Hit a set of abs on the Ab Coaster cause we got to keep the abs tight in that Holiday sweater. Went back to the chest flyes, machine chest press, and straight bar curls. I did one additional set of Ab Coaster and hit a quick stretch and that’s it! 30 mins or 25 mins to be exact and I felt great! With this workout, you can not say “I don’t have the time.” Plus, the 30 mins you take out of your day will pay off big time esp when you are more calm around all those “nice” people at the mall. Happy Training! Check back next week for my #41 workout!




  1. Mike
    What’s up? I read your blog – very cool – I don’t really have time to go thru you back logs or websites – you say to take GlycoCarn and it will help with pumpn and burn off calories – HOW?

    • Glycocarn is clinically proven to increase the nictric oxide in the bloodstream. Basically, GlycoCarn amplifies the mobilization of fatty acid, which is stored energy into working tissue for cellular metabolism. In layman’s terms, it supports the body’s natural fat burning process. Most other products solely rely on artificial stimulants and diuretics to induce weight loss, but Glycocarn does not.

  2. Does Glycocarn really help you burn calories?

    • Hi Linsey, scroll down to see my answer to Rob’s question. Thanks for writing 😉

  3. Hi Michael,
    About how many extra calories does Glycocarn burn?

  4. Michael,
    Besides those thigh machines at the gym, how can a girl get tighter thighs? Thanks!

    • Hi Lucy,
      Thighs are one of those tricky body parts- again it’s always a good idea to use a great supplement to burn off fat and amp up your metabolism. Any product with Glycocarn will work as they all work as fat burning agents. In addition, I would recommend the ab coaster for your thighs. I know it sounds weird but the ab coaster actually works your whole body out! Get a steady cardio plan in place, try to do it at least 30 minutes every day. Good luck and check back with me, I would love to know your results!

  5. Hi Michael my name is David. What supplements do you recommend for someone over 65? I hear you say glycocarn but when I look it up it seems to be an ingredient in supplements, not a supplement itself. Any suggestions?

    • Hi David- Try Jarrow Formulas® GlycoCarn®-GPLC or EST NUTRITION PLASMATIC EP® with GlycoCarn®. There’s many more products but for plain cardio vascular health purposes I reccommend the Jarrow. If you are going to combine your workouts with physical fitness I recommend the Plasmatic. Thanks for writing and congrats for being proactive about your health!

  6. Michael,
    I’m confused about my abs. I know working the abdominals is different for men than women. Is it true that women need to do more cardio so they don’t build muscle on top of fat, rather than burning fat and building muscle? Thank you.

    • Hey Shelly-
      My suggestion to you is balance. A lot of the women I know do A LOT of cardio to maintain their abs, and I would also consider taking a supplement with glycocarn in it, as it definitely aids in weight loss. Also, many women stray away from heavy lifting because they don’t want to to look too jacked (women that arent’ body builders, that is). My advice is to make sure you tone your muscles as that supports them and support your body with a good supplement. Good luck!

  7. Hey Michael, good to see you online. I’m getting ready for a show in the spring, will keep up with your blog to make sure I get good tips!

    • Congrats! And definitely stick around for tips and advice–feel free to ask me anything! Good luck!

  8. Michael,
    I want to get my Dad on glycocarn but he’s suspicious of anything new (he’s stuck in his ways) what do you recommend?

    • Hi Laurie,
      Definitely show rather than tell is best. Direct your dad to this link:
      Glycocarn is backed by science, and if your dad is over 40, he should especially be supporting his workout process in anyway he can. Also, note that Glycocarn shows to offer the following:
      Provide bodybuilding nutrition
      Increase blood flow
      Increase cellular energy
      Improve fatty acid and carbohydrate metabolism in the cell’s mitochondria
      Reduce muscle tissue damage
      Increase removal of toxins such as lactic acid
      Improve muscle recovery capacity
      Improve circulation

      It’s the difference between putting regular unleaded gas in your car and premium. The results are going to be better with premium, because premium is better for performance. It’s the same with anything you put in your body, and it’s the case with Glycocarn too. Obviously, my opinion is that Glycocarn is premium!
      Hopefully this helps. Thanks for writing!

  9. Michael,
    How often should a guy in his 40″s work out? -Hewie

    • Hey Hewie- that all depends on your goals. Do you wish to burn fat, gain muscle, have more energy? All of these are possible with a solid workout routine. It’s all about CONSISTENCY! Make sure you set your goals and reach them every week. Get a good trainer to help you determine what to work on how to do so properly. Also try to find activities that you enjoy that include exercise. I know lots of people who never set foot in a gym because they are out skiing, surfing or biking.
      And make sure that you keep your muscles in tact- your 40’s is a REALLY important period make up for lost time if you are out of shape. It will serve you throughout your 50’s and the rest of your life. Definitely figure out which supplement will work to help support you on your journey to health.

  10. Michael, you are jacked! My husband is getting into body building, any tips?

    • Tell your husband: Read, read read! Work out hard, make goals for yourself, check with your doctor to make sure you’re all good to go with heavy lifting, take a Glycocarn supplement that works for you (try Plasmatic EP to start as it’s aids with all aspects of health-including heart health, energy, fat burn and muscle building)
      Check it out here:
      And give him the link to this site, as well as my friend Tommy’s site:
      He has a great site!
      GO you for being so supportive! Go luck to you both…

  11. Hey Michael Lee here. What do you think about vitamins vs supplements?Thanks

    • Hi Lee,
      A good supplement can definitely work with vitamins, depending on your needs and body type. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with anything (ie, too much of a vitamin or iron) ALSO very important is the fact that our vitamins should be coming to us via our diet and real, whole food more than any other source! So make sure you eat right to begin with! Always be informed and check with your doctor, especially if you have special concerns. Good job on caring about your body!

  12. What do you do when you can’t seem to lose the weight no matter what you do?
    Sincerely, Cindy

    • Hi Cindy,
      I would check with my doctor if I were you, you may be dealing with a thyroid problem. If there’s nothing medically holding you back from losing weight, I would try a good supplement like Glycocarn. As we age, our metabolism goes down the tubes and we all need a little extra help. Good luck!

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