About Michael Ritter

Hello everybody! I have been in this industry for quite a long time. In addition to my bodybuilder experience, I also have an extensive education background. I have a bachelor degree in Health and Exercise Education from the College of New Jersey and a Master’s Degree from Gwynedd-Mercy College in Pennsylvania. I’ve been testing products for a long time, always looking for the utmost in cardiac & muscular support and performance enhancement. Not only is it really important for your product to work properly, you have to be sure that what you’re putting into your body has undergone extensive testing. There’s a lot out there, and you definitely want to make sure you are going with something that’s as effective as it is safe. I’m married and have a beautiful baby girl, which is all the more reason for me to make sure the products I am using are scientifically sound.

One of my favorite products from the EST line is Plasmatic, which contains GlycoCarn as the main ingredient. With Plasmatic featuring GlycoCarn, I have never been more ripped and vascular. The pumps are incredible! Nothing works better. I have so much more helpful information to share with you, so look for my new blog in the upcoming weeks and I will show you how to get ripped and ready for your next competition or for just hangin’ at the beach!


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