There is a “situation” with your abs!

Abs have always been the measure of how “in shape” someone is when evaluating your own or someone else’s physique. Now, with the popularity of “Jersey Shore” (whether you check the show out or not), “The Situation” has brought abs back to the limelight. In fact, his whole 15 mins of fame is based on his abs. Now, you may not be looking to get on a reality show…but I’m quite sure you want your abs to look like “The Situation” or, at the very least, be a lot tighter than they are right now.
 (You may be glancing down at that belly that may be hanging over your jeans. That’s what I’m talking about. It’s time to whip you into “A Situation.”)
Every time I hit the weights at the gym (four to five days per week) I work the abs. I love to incorporate ab and core training into my base workout and I definitely do not break it up as other trainees do. For example, many trainees will hit abs by themselves in the beginning or the end of their workout separately. I don’t. To me, it’s boring, ineffective and wastes valuable time. My training regimen usually looks like this: I will sprint on the treadmill for 4 mins and then hit a set of abs. After my set of abs, I will do a set of dumbbell curls and shoulder press and then go hit abs again. Incorporate abs right into your routine and you will see better results and save time. The best of both worlds guaranteed.
Training tip #1 – The key to the six pack is the lower abs!
Find a gym with the Ab Coaster machine. This machine works the abs, especially the lower and obliques like nothing else. If your gym does not have the Ab Coaster, tell the owner or manager to go and get it. There is also a home gym version of the Ab Coaster so for those of my friends that train at home, you will not miss out. No Ab Coaster? You may get a similar benefit from doing the hanging legs raise. Again, the key here is to incorporate the ab work into your routine. With the leg raise, you have to start and stop and use the straps. This can be time consuming and more importantly, you may lose your pump. Keep the time between sets a minimum. Do not talk to other members if you want results. Talk afterwards at the juice bar or supplement stop. Training Secret #1 Speaking of supplements, I never train without using GlycoCarn. Not only does it give me crazy pumps, I definitely believe people get more ripped using this stuff. I take 3 grams about 40 mins before I start my workout. There are now many companies that feature GlycoCarn, check the label though and make sure it’s from Sigma Tau.
Next week, we will talk about how many sets and reps and all that good stuff for abs. Make sure you check me out each week for I am going to give you the blue print to have your best physique ever! Train Hard!